Building a deck in the garden

Aligning the blocks, Dec 24, 2011 Aligning the blocks
Progressing Progressing
Almost done with the framing Planking, with some help... Dec 25, 2011
With a table Union break, the bench on its way
The yard, from the deck Table and benches, completed.
The planter's skeleton The planter's skeleton, completed.
The planter, completed The planter, from the table
With the second planter Completed!
With the second planter and the small bench Test drive..., Dec 29, 2011
All treated All treated, and with designs
Drying... With more furnitures
Rocaille General view
Rocaille Adinrondack Chair
Adinrondack Chair Some shade over the table
Some shade over the table Ideal at noon!

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